Conversations can be awkward around people that are not supportive of our career. For those of us working as makeup artists or in other beauty industry jobs, we've all experienced people react in odd ways to our telling them what we do for living. Condescending looks and disapproving comments are typical, because people imagine that we are a beauty school dropout that does mindless, low income work or that we just sell cosmetics. Therefore we are often given a look of pity, disrespect or even disgust. This is also why many dread telling family and friends their desire to leave a corporate type job they dislike to follow their passion to work in the beauty industry. All of these scenarios are common and can cause stress, anxiety, arguments and even depression.

Of course, some people have absolute support from family and friends for their career choice but we still often come across those that look down upon us. But all these uncomfortable experiences can become a thing of the past. In this broadcast, Donna gives extremely valuable insight, facts and statistics about the career of a freelance artist. This information gives individuals powerful insight resulting in a boost of confidence that can flip the script on these scenarios. Instead of dreading the typical conversations, it allows artists to actually look forward to the often awkward Q & A about our “work.”

Donna refers to the new industry perspective she gives artists, as “verbal ammunition” which puts a stop to the irritating, probing questions as well as the condescending attitudes we deal with when it comes to our careers. The ability to shed light on our industry through discussing facts that you can prove, causes negative, disapproving naysayers to actually question their former opinions and suddenly take interest in what you have to say. And as Donna often does, she also shows viewers how to take the conversation a step further and have these people not only admiring you and your career choice, but occasionally questioning their own! Don’t miss this intense life lesson experience on the art of conversation with family, friends, relatives, acquaintances and strangers year-round. It is especially useful to view before the holidays when these life and career conversations are often asked.

“Great advice particularly for those that just don't believe that makeup artistry can not only be a career but how what we do can be so life changing it for some of our clients. How Donna incorporates psychology into conversations really is key in having others understand what we do. Thank you Donna for the valuable lessons!”
— Sonia Capobianco
“Amazing as always. Learning to communicate to others what I do with the numbers behind the career helps me feel confident. Empowering each other only creates good karma.”
— Adrienne Bruce
“Such a great webinar! Your love and passion for what you do for fellow makeup artists just warms my heart. All the information and statistics you provided us shows evidently how much of a demand there is for makeup artists. You touched my heart when you got emotional about how amazing it feels to see our client in the chair actually feel beautiful for the first time and how she actually loves her reflection in the mirror. Thank you for showing us that we, too, can make such a difference in someone's life and that it doesn't have to be a prestigious title in the medical or law field to make that happen. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in each day to educate us. You embed in our brains that we can do so much more, as long as we work hard towards our goals and not give up. I waited too long to pursue this career because family weren't supportive when I graduated high school, but now, I'm much older and even though it's much harder with having kids now, I'm still going for the finish line and making my dream come true.”
— Sandy Le
“Wow so many light bulb moments! Another informative and very insightful vid, Donna. I will never introduce myself as just “the makeup artist” again. We truly give so much more than the title and being able to relay that message to everyone that we come in contact with is so invaluable. It’s also very important to be more engaging in social settings...something that I will be working on. Thanks for the nuggets of wisdom!!!”
— Lakeshia Richard
“With all the family get-togethers coming up this was perfectly timed for me. I really enjoyed watching this webinar, and feel so encouraged to keep going in this industry that I love.”
— Sally Kuter
“Gosh where to even start??!! I needed to hear all of this!!! Ive experienced feelings of disapproval from family members and also insecurities about doing makeup instead of studying to be a doctor or an engineer. Everything she mentions is like bits of gold lol. This webinar is a real tour de force.... I laughed, I cried, pondered the meaning of life ;) I am so thankful to have found Donna. <3<3<3 ily Donna Mee!!!”
— Julie Brooks
“What a fabulous much insight into how to explain a career in makeup artistry. Donna always gives away so much valuable information. Now I have the tools to be able to better explain my career change. Thank you!!!”
— Karyn Carlson
"Every single webinar I've seen has blown my mind - this one was yet another one that totally opened my mind again and I absorbed so many handy insights yet again!! So glad Donna Mee shares her wisdom with fellow makeup artists, its rare to see someone be so generous like Donna is, and for that, I cannot thank her enough..feel like I have spent weeks learning from her online webinars given how much Im learning yet they are all a couple of hours max!! Donna's explanations are so easy to understand and to apply everyday that what I have learnt from this is truly genius. Thanks again Donna! You rock xx”
— Jennifer Khal
“It's so much appreciated to have wisdom from a long time working artist... I'm so lucky that my network believe in my new career. Posting a lot of pictures from different projects on very different faces slowly but surely convinced a lot of them of my seriousness (and talent!) :-) I'll keep watching your videos and following the Facebook group!”
— Majorie Hardy
“Uplifting Donna Mee at her best yet again. Another inspirational talk that not only teaches you how to deal with family, but also is just Donna being inspirational herself, amazing as always.”

- Danyelle Connell

“This webinar was not what I thought it was going to be about and I am so glad I watched it. It was very informative as far as how successful we can be as makeup artist and how much our services are needed. Not to mention all of the statistics Donna mentions. I feel it would make one feel lots of pride in being a makeup artist. What we do as artists is much more, for some, than just applying makeup. We change lives and help women gain self love and confidence that can be often lost. I am proud to be a makeup artist :)”
— Dora Vera

“Thank you, Donna! You are always delivering great information ad advice at just the right time. I have such a supportive circle close to me, but always hesitate to tell acquaintances what I do (unless they are a potential client!). The negative stigma in others perception of the beauty industry definitely exists. I always find myself explaining to strangers how much happier I ma as a makeup artist than I was utilizing my college degree. (As if I owe a stranger an explanation…) They generally don’t understand why someone would give up another career for this when they have a college degree, After hearing your insight and seeing the statistics I will make the sift in my behavior and mentality. I will be firm and proud about what I do and educate other on how much more there is to this profession!

-Farah Johnson

"After doing a course on makeup nearly 2 years ago I've been trying to build up my career, but would find myself getting stuck or in a slump with it all. But finding your webinars has helped me stay motivated and on track with what I want to achieve and the knowledge you share is so accurate and helpful for every aspect of this job. Thank you for teaching me so much and I can't wait to view more of your webinars!”
— Jemima Kenny
“This was awesome because I learned about real statistics in our industry vs. doctors and engineers. Shocking information that will make anyone stop and think before belittling you!”
— Cassandra McClure
“Love your passion and drive. Thanks for this gift of facts, statistics and insights which remind me that the possibility within this industry is endless...And that our job is SO much more than make-up ”
— Charlie RUng
“Loved this webinar! I am so lucky to have family that support me 110% but I now have a perspective on how to react when my "friends" or strangers give me that look. I feel more confident talking to people about what I do. I really enjoyed every bit of it! Thank you! You're genius!”
— Monica DeJesus
“I love all of this webinar! Sometimes I have such a hard time explaining to people that just don't understand that this is actually a career not just a hobby. This just gave me a million times more confidents to shut down the "nay-sayers"”
— Jenn Langley-Mendoza
“Thank you so much for this webinar Donna, it has given me so much ammo to deal with everyone who thinks I am off my rocker this Christmas season. xx”
— Monika Hodkinson
“Loved this webinar as it was full of so many Statistics which proves how big our industry really is and growing rapidly everyday. It backs up the mind set mentality to be confident in following your passions in a positive way to achieve further success. Thank you Donna x”

-Corinne Jones

“Thank you for all this amo especially statistics (they speak more than what I could even try to explain!) Thank you for being so relatable, it's like catching up with my girlfriend- but on a whole other mind blowing level! Your passion is contagious..”
— Nadia Rubio
"Thank you so much for the best ammunition with FACTs to back it up, to share with the ones that I know that don't think my makeup career isn't serious.”
— Katherine Watts

“I loved this and I’m happy to say your explanation for “not just saying I’m a mua” is pure genius! I’m going to use it and share with you my results.”
— Elyse Feinstein

“Donna hits it out of the park again! She confirmed that I am right on track with all I doing, THEN added all the extra industry articles and stats information! I'm now armed with so much more to train assistants with AND some fresh new ways to describe just what it is that "I do"
— Susanne Mayer
“I have to watch it again. like all of your webinars they are so full of infomation's that you cannot absorb all in by watching it just one time. Thank you!”
— Neza Kodre
“Thank you again for such an informative feel-good webinar. I have 2 passions: my dayjob & makeup. I ventured into Makeup in 2011 with the full support of my friends, and my family is "yeah... as long as you can pay the bills, give it a try." While I only freelance due to time & financial reasons, even though I wish I could do more. I find the worst conversations I've had is not necessary being dismissed when I said I do makeup & prosthetics (I was FT 2011 & 70% in 2012), but being treated like I'm dumb & not good enough to talk to, and when these people do talk to me, it is in the most condescending or patronizing tone possible. It doesn't take a degree or office job to make a person smart, creative people think laterally & problem solve better. My dayjob is in Science. I still dream of pursuing Skincare as a profession, as I love beautiful canvasses. All my friends come to me with their skincare & makeup concerns. When I told people I've met after my Makeup Diploma that I'd like to be able to work in both professions & see where the Universe takes me, I get told off for being impractical & a day-dreamer. It's funny that over the years, these same people see I actually know what I'm talking about & will now bring up Makeup/Beauty talk themselves... and want me to pursue both. As for all the friends/associates I met that initially thought I was too dumb to talk to because I'm "just" a makeup artist, I am polite when I see them but they are not part of my world. I love the art of transformation which is makeup, whether it's creating a character or enhancing one's beauty. I'm old enough that I don't need to justify my career choices but boy, do I wish I had seen this webinar when I was younger & gone into Makeup a lot sooner.”
— Margie Sung
“Wow, what a mind blower. It's so hard when people ask what you do; you say you're a makeup artist and they roll their eyes or look at you like you've failed in life. When I see this, I try to explain that I don't just play in makeup, but without all this ammunition, previously it's been hard to change their minds. Well, that all stops now. Even if I don't remember all the facts and figures that we go into here, the way you have made us think about all the other industries that need us for THEM to perform, what we do, and how to articulate it effectively, I feel ready to take on any "nay-sayer" that comes my way. Thank you Donna for your pearls of wisdom, I truly appreciate you doing these webinars. My light bulb has been blown. xxx”
— Victoria Grindrod
“This is great I have a new perspective on what I do and all the webinars are inspirational. It is nice for once to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks Donna”
— Deedee Jebrail
“Thank you Donna! This webinar had me crying twice as some things were a bit too relate-able! This webinar provides some great facts on how to help the people in our lives see that they may be misguided in their beliefs and views on being a makeup artist. Baby steps will be the key for me, but even if I can't change the opinion of others then at least I have the confidence in myself to ignore their beliefs.”
— Emily Richardson
“Donna, I absolutely love your words of wisdom. Giving people the courage and words to stand up for their dream career is huge. I am sure for those who have watched this that have this issue will be so much more confident to stand up and be heard. Thank you Donna Xx”
— Brodee Kernaghan
“You are a beautiful soul Donna. I couldn't help but get teary with you. Like you said we can all resonate. Really appreciate all the background research and statistics through your slides. Thank you.”
— Daniela Cala

“This is GOLD! Again another life Changing webinar for those in Makeup Artistry. I cannot thank you enough Donna. NO words to express how much I am thankful for the education you invest and share with us! You teach with authority, to inspire and enable us to be the best version of ourselves to be the best in the industry and so much more. Thank you! Yes this webinar was life changing.”
— Crystal

“Wow so much to talk about and take in! Donna I can't believe you had me tearing up! Wonderful as always.”

— Patricia Brakeman

“Thank you! It was just what I needed right now. The level of information here it's astounding.”
— Celia
“Awesome once again.. Some great advice and eye opening facts. More food for thought. A must watch.. Thank you again Donna.”
— Samantha Purton
“Donna's teaching style is so calming and she gives you the numbers and facts which say it all. She's giving me renewed hope to go down this path of makeup artistry again! Hope to see an expanded library of classes in the future so I can jump into this profession!”
— Komal Yasmin

“What an amazing, well researched webinar filled with facts and insight into the career of a makeup artist. All these details are going to make those difficult conversations with the nay-sayers so much easier. Thank you Donna, for once again delivering above and beyond. LOVED IT!!!!”
— Jennifer Ellis
“Wonderful information, really enjoyed it!”
— Veronica Pilnick

“I only came in 1/2 hr before you finished and gained years worth of experience just from your words. Thank you”
— Anna Rinston

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Donna Mee is a 37 year-veteran Makeup Artist, Educator and Beauty Entrepreneur. After honing her skills working in print, runway and television, she now specializes in beauty makeup for print and teaching international educational tours. She is known for developing extremely advanced techniques and application skills known as ‘The Donna Mee Makeup Methods.’ She is considered one of the top beauty educators in the world. Known for her ability to articulate complex science and theory in a way that is easily understood, Donna has a gift for painting a picture with her words, analogies and stories in which she delivers with conviction and humor. Her passion for beauty is evident and contagious as she passes out major ‘light bulb moments’ that positively alter the outcome of artists’ work and success.

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